Engineering Bulletin: 2017 Ford Pickup Bed Removal Wiring & Adapter Plugs

From: STAHL Engineering

Re: 2017 Ford Pickup Bed Removal Wiring & Adapter Plugs

Models Affected: Any service body mounted to a 2017 Ford Pickup Bed Removal

As STAHL continues adapting to the changes presented by the all-new 2017 Ford trucks, we have completed adaptor plugs that will work with 2017 Ford Pickup Bed Removal and Pickup Bed Delete service body installations.

Depending on your application, the adapter plugs you should use for 2017 Fords are as follows:

  • Pickup Bed Removals (Bed is removed by the customer) – 228917
  • Pickup Bed Deletes (Bed is removed by the Ford Factory) - 153738

Additionally, it has been determined that in some rare occasions, you may encounter fast-flashing turn signals  on box removal installations.  In situations where this fast-flashing turn signal occurs, you will need to order an add-on Ford Fast-Flash Kit part number 229125.  This kit is a clip on addition to the base adaptor plug listed above.

Since this seems to be required in less than 10% of installs, we have chosen to make it an add-on kit instead of significantly increasing the price of the standard plug by making it a permanent attachment. However, if your shop does frequent  body installations on 2017 Ford pickup bed removals, it is highly  recommended that you stock one or more of the 229125 Ford Fast Flash  Kits to avoid potential delays in completing vehicle up-fits for your customers.

Contact your local STAHL distributor, or our Parts Department for more information and for availability.

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