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Spec A Truck Body

Tips for Spec’ing the Right Truck Service Body for You

Choosing the right size chassis and the best layout for your service/utility body is essential to getting the most out of your new work truck. To help guide you through this process, STAHL has created a handy SpecTips worksheet PDF with basic questions about your truck ( Click here to complete and electronically submit the SpecTips Worksheet form), as well as a Get Started Diagram (see directly below) with the three measurements you’ll need before you begin.


Get Started Diagram

 Spec A Service Body Diagram

As you begin the specification process, there are some additional elements you’ll want to consider regarding the service body features that are right for you. We highly recommend that you review this list with your nearest STAHL distributor or STAHL sales representative, who will also be able to assist you with the proper installation of your truck service body and any ancillary equipment, as well as advise you on available paint and finish options.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the potential service body features and options that are available, however it does provide an excellent starting point to help guide your discussions.


Truck Service Body Considerations

Do you want the load space (the area between the two side compartments) to be:

  • Open
  • Enclosed with a low sliding roof
  • Enclosed with a high roof with double swing door rear access (the ability to specify high roof enclosure will be affected by the GVWR of your vehicle)

For lighting, do you want:

  • Stop/turn/tail lights recessed in body end panels
  • Stop/turn/tail lights recessed in bumper
  • Additional security and/or work site lighting packages (Lighting options can typically be ordered with either incandescent or L.E.D. lamps)

Are there other truck-mounted tools/equipment that you require such as:

  • Crane (compartment mounted, floor mounted)
  • Generator (compartment mounted, load space mounted, under hood)
  • Liftgate
  • Vise/vise bracket (mounted to bumper)
  • Welder (compartment mounted, load space mounted)

Are there tool/material handling devices that you require such as:

  • Drawer package(s) mounted inside a compartment(s)
  • Compartment top tool boxes (Top Paks)
  • Ladder rack (side mount or overhead)
  • Pipe/conduit carrier
  • Tank compartment (60” high for bottled gas cylinders)
  • Tie-down rings recessed in load space area

Are any additional compartment security device(s) needed including:

  • Bar locks (mechanical push-pull style; allows all compartment doors on one side of the body to be locked with a single padlock)
  • Power door locks (electronic key fob type; lock/unlock all compartment doors with the push of a button)

Will your work truck need towing capability?

  • No, towing is not a requirement
  • Yes, the vehicle has an OEM factory hitch
  • Yes, an after-market hitch package is required

Please note that because certain option combinations can create functional conflicts, we strongly encourage you to review your final work truck specifications with your nearest STAHL distributor or STAHL sales representative

 A member of the STAHL team will ensure your work truck is designed around you – for maximum productivity and years of dependable service.

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